​​​​​Contact Handled Fuel Fabrication​

​​​​Con​tact Handled Fuel Fabrication​

Module D-PR
Fuel Fabrication Preface to  the D-Modules

Module D1-1

​​​​Uranium-Based Ceramic LWR Fuel Fabrication​

Module D1-2

LWR Pelletized MOX Fuel Fabrication

Module D1-3​

Gas-Cooled Reactor Fuels: HTR TRISO

Module D1-​4_5

Ceramic Pelletized Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactor Fuel Fabrication Ceramic Vibrocompacted Fuel Fabrication

Module D1-6​​

Module D1-6A Contact-Handled All-U Metal or U-Metal Alloy Uranium Fuel Fabrication
Module D1-6B Contact-Handled U,Pu Metal Alloy Fuel Fabrication 

Contact-Handled Pelletized Pressurized Heavy-Water Reactor (PHWR) UOX Fuel Fabrication

​Module D1-8

Thorium-based Fuel: U,Th MOX

(See 2017 version of the CBR)

Module D1-9

Thorium-based Fuel: Thoria Blanket 

(See 2017 version of the CBR)

Module ​D1-9​

Inert Matrix and Other Advanced Fuels​ 

(See 2017 version of the CBR)

Module D2

Remote Handled Fuel Fabrication

Module D2

Remote Fabrication​​

Module F2/D2

Metallic Fast Reactor Fuel Re-fabrication (See Module F2)​

Module 2-2

Other Re-fabricated Fuels​