​​​​​​​​​Excess Uranium Conversion and Disposal​ ​

​Module J, K, and L

Module J

Near Surface Disposal

Module J 

​​Near Surface Disposal

Module K

​​​Excess Uranium Conversion and Disposal​​

Module K1-1

Deconversion of Depleted UF6 to Depleted Uranium Oxides​​​

Module K1-2

Depleted Uranium Disposition (De-converted E-plant Tails Geologic Disposal as Stable Oxide form)​

Module K2

Aqueously Reprocessed Uranium Conversion, Disposition, and Possible Recycle​

​​Module K3

Electrochemically Reprocessed Uranium Conversion, Disposition and Possible Recycle​

​Module L​

​​​Geologic Dispos​​al

Module L1

​​Geologic Disposal of SNF and HLW

Module L2

Disposal of GTCC Waste​